Ten Doubts About Local Houston Movers You Should Clarify.

There’s no revenue coming in right yetthe company gets sold so he talked us alittle bit about that process yeah soyou know the moron tuna you would pickup do good is not a business it was likemore of an experiment in bar allotteeare like a project and you know wait theway we rationalize that as a company wasdo good would be the thing we would dojust to get exposure and then we wouldgo.

Figure out how we would make money wewe had also looked at consume consultingstuff so like maybe we do good was theway that we proved people we can makethis stuff and then people would go payus and do good became a thing of its ownlike basically it got a whole bunch ofsocial attention really similar to howpeople talk about like snapchat orthings like that now obviously at a muchmuch smaller.

scale but that’s ultimatelyhow do good got sold is there are a lotof people in the world that care a lotabout user engagement around certaintopics and believe it or not even in thegood deed space there are companies thatcare about these audiences and that’sultimately the value prop that do thatbrought and and why we were able to sellthe company but you know we didn’t knowany of that going into itso I don’t know if there’s a lessonthere I don’t know that I don’t think Ican sit an active advocate that youstart.

A company that doesn’t really havea business model but I think as studentsyou know man just do it like get you andyour buddy and like Local Houston Movers make something cooland put it out there because you’regonna learn the time and who knows likemaybe a bunch of other people think it’scool so the whole process of doing anexit you know especially when you’re astudent is this happened twice to youright yeah.

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