Questions To Ask At Tucson Air Conditioning

And in case some refrigerant was to leak out of a fitting or something I’ve got some eye protection should always have this on when you work with refrigerant and putting gags on the unit and so forth so this is kind of a slow boring step so what we’re going to do is cut the film for now we’re going to continue adding until we start seeing some good numbers and then we’ll revisit okay we just want to give you an update so far we are . right now – crusher refrigerate.

That pressure now this turns out psyche the psyche last year but the sigh clash skill has bubbles in we’re still low on charge I’m going to continue to add refrigerant at this time I just want to give you an update okay so we’re done adding the refrigerant into this package unit number one now the findings that I got here the readings on the gauge let me show them to you we’ll do a zoom in on that okay on the low pressure gauge it’s reading pounds which is lower than normal and I’ll have pressure gauges meaning about so I’ve added into the system I’ve added six point eight pounds.

Of r the bubbles are gone out of the sight glass I felt out my evaluation sheet and basically right now what I’m getting is on the evaporator the inlet temperature is the air temperature is degrees and the outlet temperature is degrees so the air delivering out of the a valve oil right now is degrees supply air temperature when we started it was the delta T across the evaporator coil is currently degrees when we first started it was at degrees the condenser coil where we first started we would get an eight degree split across this condenser.

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