Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Ac Repair

On all right pretty clean Tucson AZ air conditioning we call it dry clean Maude everywhere go dry clean mom this little necklace I’ll hit it with my brush after Oh the old back you see maintenance lack of maintenance a little brush here you alright guys that’s what I call it dry clean I could hit it with the holes on the way out if I want but you can get it pretty clean with the vacuum.

In the brush it’s not really all that bad so I could hit it with the holes on like I said if I want but it’s gonna get monkey here gonna get monkey mama when you get monkey I got a hole right the end I just hit it quick with it I’m fine like that put the panel’s back we’ll be good alright guys we’re gonna check this cap here we’ll pull off the common we’ll pull off the common which is this red in the purple here check it should be a see what it is you condenser a good dry clean that’s.

what I call it dry clean that most of % of the stuff out of it just over so that’s good should be a I got a little chat I go by I’ll see what the chat says and I saw five has to be five has to be for or or better it’s going to be changed it’s too low so I got one in the truck we’ll put a note on there for if I Pat my neck little Nick little missing that one for now I can check this one this one this one the reading is okay Congressmen the black little red having.

Your culpable in the common impure for common the original cap the fan is brown is the flame the fame in the yellows the compressor there we go a good check it is we didn’t try Paul micro farad so we’ll put a birds will be singing Tommy yeah you got the birds out alright we’re ready to rock and roll start it up we’ll.

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